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Frequently Asked Questions • Saran Appraisals & Consulting Ltd.

Common Questions

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal outlines the formal opinion of value of a commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural property as of a specific date based on an analysis of property data and the relevant market.

What does an appraiser do?

An appraiser provides the impartial estimate of opinion of real estate, also known as an appraisal, which tends to be a written document outlining the value of the property on the date the document is created. An accredited appraiser will be able to provide a range of services, including support, advice, and valuations on real estate properties. Accredited appraisers are trained to observe, perform research, and analyze the real estate market based on a range of different factors that could affect the overall value of the property being assessed.

Why should I get an appraisal?

Since buying or selling real estate tends to be one of the most important financial decisions you can make in your lifetime, having an appraiser provide you with an unbiased, informed opinion of the market value of the property you are looking at buying or selling can help you make the best decision available to you.

How do I get ready for the appraisal?

When the appraiser arrives to inspect your home or property, it is important to ensure that they have easy access to all of the interior and exterior areas of the property. It can also be helpful to have a copy of the floor plan, a survey of the house or property, and a list of any improvements that have been completed ready for the appraiser to review.

How much does an appraisal cost?

Appraisals tend to be competitively priced but the overall cost will vary depending on the complexity of the assignment, how quickly the assignment has to be completed, and the type of report required.

How long will it take to receive an appraisal?

The time that it will take for you to receive a completed appraisal will depend on the type of property being appraised.

What kind of properties can you appraise?

We offer appraisal services for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural properties.

Can you do a full portfolio of properties?

Yes, we are able to create a full portfolio of properties regardless of their size.


“I have been using Jass Saran’s appraisals for the last 15 year and found his appraisals to be thorough, reliable and current with up to date market information. Saran Appraisals and Consulting Ltd. is on our approved list of appraisers and as such, I would highly recommend the firm to any other Real Estate Lender.”

~ Jeevan Khunkhun  | Vice President at CareVest Capital Inc.